29. We will continue to provide funding for the installation of domestic, workplace and en-route charging points, as set out in Switched On Scotland Phase 2: An Action Plan for Growth Vehicles

Implementation Lead(s): Transport Scotland

Locations: All Scotland

Further reading:
Scottish Government action on low carbon vehicles
Greener Scotland information on electric vehicle

Environmental Mitigation: None identified

Ongoing Activity and Milestones:

2014 – 30 June – Permitted development rights for electric vehicle charging points comes into force.

2015 – Network of recharging infrastructure in place across Scotland, which will develop to meet the needs of the market

2016/2017 – There has been a significant increase in the number and use of charge points over recent years, resulting in Scotland having one of the most comprehensive networks in Europe. As of August 2017, the ChargePlace Scotland network consisted of over 700 publicly available charge points, equating to over 1,400 charging bays.

To support domestic charging, Transport Scotland, via EST, provides grants to plug-in vehicle owners to enable them to have a charge point installed at their home. As of August 2017, 1381 domestic units have been installed. EST funding of £500, alongside OLEV funding, continues to be available in 2017-18.

2017 – 13 June – A refreshed “Switched on Scotland” policy roadmap published with actions.

2018 – Sustainability appraisal of potential extension of permitted development rights includes consideration of amendment to those for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

2030 – 50% of all fossil-fuelled vehicles phased out of urban areas across Scotland

2040 – Almost all new car sales will be near zero emission at the tailpipe

2050 – Scotland’s towns, cities and communities free from the damaging effects of petrol and diesel fumes.


Figure 50 kW Rapid Charge Point in the Highlands offering AC Type 2, DC CCS (COMBO 2) and DC CHAdeMO connectors (Source: Urban Foresight)

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