A natural, resilient place

a natural, resiliant place - Map from NPF3

Map of A natural, resilient place from P41 of NPF3


A natural, resilient place

18.  We will take forward the provisions of the CyclingAction Plan and the National Walking Strategy.

19.  We will implement the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy, including completing the suite of protected places and improving their connectivity through a national ecological network centred on these sites.

20.  We will help planning authorities to take a more co-ordinated approach to planning for environmental and habitat improvements for the Forth Estuary.

21.  We will increase new woodland creation to an average of 10,000 hectares per year from 2015, and take action towards the proposal in Low Carbon Scotland (RPP2) to increase the rate of peatland restoration to 22,000 hectares per year.

22. SEPA will publish the second round of River Basin Management Plans in 2015. National and local flood risk management plans will be published in 2016.

23.  We will take action based on the outcome from our consultation on Opencast Coal Restoration: Effective Regulation.

24.  Planning authorities will support VisitScotland’s Tourism Development Framework in their development plans.

25.  We will take forward the actions in the Climate Change Adaptation programme

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