18. We will take forward the provisions of the Cycling Action Plan and the National Walking Strategy

Implementation Lead(s): Scottish Government

Locations: All Scotland

Further reading:
Transport Scotland’s Cycling Action Plan

Let’s Get Scotland Walking – The National Walking Strategy

Cycling Scotland’s Progress Report on the Cycling Action Plan

Environmental Mitigation: None identified.

Ongoing Activity and Milestones:
Implement Cycling Action Plan

Local Authorities supported to prepare Active Travel Strategies

Community Link PLUS competition announcement in November 2015 to re-allocate road space in favour of fully segregated, on-road cycle paths. The competition drew in 25 applications from LAs and the winner was announced in August 2016 – South City Way in Glasgow.

2014 – September – Delivery Forum for the National Walking Strategy established. Craig McLaren (RTPI Scotland) was appointed as Chair of the Delivery Forum. Paths for All has been working closely with him in the development of the action plan

Paths for All circulated a draft action plan to key stakeholders on 5 March 2015, with a deadline for views of  2 April, 2015. This was informed by a stakeholder workshop held in November 2014. A final action plan will be published in April 2015

The next refresh of the Cycling Action Plan (third version) will be published by the end of 2016. Transport Scotland will carry out various consultation meetings with stakeholders. Cycling Scotland’s progress report will also feed into the CAPS 2016 document.

In advance of the refresh of CAPS in 2016, Cycling Scotland will produce a progress report in the summer of 2016.  This will inform the refresh of CAPS 2016

The National Walking Strategy met for first time on 25 November 2015 and agreed the Action Plan.  This will be published early in 2016

March 3, 2016 – The National Walking Strategy Action Plan and Walking Infographic were launched by Paths for All

The National Walking Strategy Delivery Forum (NWSDF) will oversee the development and delivery of the National Walking Strategy Action Plan.  The group is chaired by Craig McLaren (RTPI  Scotland) and comprises of senior representatives from key organisations who are involved in the delivery of the Action Plan.  The group last met on 16 March 2017 and will next meet on 12 October 2017.

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