21. We will increase new woodland creation to an average of 10,000 hectares per year from 2015, and take action towards the proposal in Low Carbon Scotland (RPP2) to increase the rate of peatland restoration to 22,000 hectares per year

Implementation Lead(s): Forestry Commission Scotland

Locations: All Scotland

Further reading:
Woodland Expansion Advisory Group
Scottish Government Land Use Strategy
Scottish Government ‘Low Carbon Scotland: Meeting our Emissions Reduction Targets 2013-2027 – The Second Report on Proposals and Policies (RPP2)
Scottish Natural Heritage Peatland Action and Peatland Plan Consultation

Environmental Mitigation: None identified

Environmental Mitigation: None identified

Ongoing Activity and Milestones:

Implement Woodland Advisory Expansion Group (WEAG) Report Action Plan

2015 – National Peatland Plan published and National Peatland Group created.

The area of woodland planted in 2015/16 was 4,600 hectares. The Scottish Government is committed to increasing the rate of woodland planting and to achieve this is working closely with stakeholders to bring forward more woodland creation proposals

2017 – peatland restoration identified as a policy in the draft Climate Change Plan



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