A sustainable, successful place

A Successful, sustainable place - Map from NPF3

Map of A successful, sustainable place from p3 of NPF3


  1. We will work with planning authorities to maintain an up-to-date, easily accessible national protocol for Enterprise Areas.
  2. The Scottish Cities Alliance and local authorities will take forward the priorities set out in the City Investment Plans.
  3. The Scottish Cities Alliance will bring the City Investment Plans together into a shared investment portfolio brochure communicating a consistent investment message across the cities network
  4. As an early priority, we will examine current planning authority approaches to aligning planning and infrastructure investment to inform whether further advice on this is  required.
  5. We will continue to implement and embed the regeneration outcomes as articulated in our Regeneration Strategy. As a priority, we will implement the Town Centre Action Plan, including by taking forward a series of demonstration projects including a programme of town centre charrettes.
  6. We will work with housing providers and the development sector to support housing  development and encourage innovative approaches to affordable housing.
  7. In anticipation of longer-term change, we wish to see planning authorities anticipate the likely need for new housing, infrastructure and services resulting from investment in coastal and rural areas through a joined-up approach to marine and terrestrial planning.
  8. We will support the sustainable growth of the aquaculture sector, including through the continuing work of the Ministerial Group for Sustainable Aquaculture.

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