07. In anticipation of longer-term change, we wish to see planning authorities anticipate the likely need for new housing, infrastructure and services resulting from investment in coastal and rural areas through a joined-up approach to marine and terrestrial planning

Implementation Lead(s): Island and coastal planning authorities. Planning authorities with rural areas influenced by coastal development.

Locations: Coastal and rural Scotland

Further reading:
Scottish Government – Development Planning:

Scottish Government: Draft marine/terrestrial guidance

Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters

Environmental Mitigation: Local considerations to be taken into account.

Ongoing Activity and Milestones:
16 June 2014 Islands Prospectus published, supporting continuing work with island authorities to explore planning issues.

June 2014 ‘island proofing’ exercise undertaken for Scottish Planning Policy.

Local Development Plans to include development scenarios based on anticipated infrastructure investment in offshore energy infrastructure.

2014 – Planning authorities to consider the case for research or supplementary guidance to inform planning for new housing and other services in those areas where the potential scale of renewable energy development may require very significant investment and change.

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