National Developments

nd map

Map of National Developments from p61 of NPF3


We have identified 14 national developments that are needed to help to deliver our spatial strategy.Whilst national development status establishes the need for a project, it does not grant development consent. Planning permission and any other necessary assessments and consents will still be required at the consenting stage.

National developments will be delivered by a range of public and private sector organisations, and inclusion in NPF3 does not imply funding on the part of the Scottish Government or its agencies.However, to support their delivery, priorities identified in NPF3 will be taken into account when future spending programmes are developed or reviewed

  1. Ravenscraig
  2. Dundee Waterfront
  3. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Network and Thermal Generation
  4. An Enhanced High Voltage Energy Transmission Network
  5. Pumped Hydroelectric Storage
  6. Central Scotland Green Network
  7. Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership
  8. National Long Distance Cycling and Walking Network 
  9. High Speed Rail
  10. Strategic Airport Enhancements
  11. Grangemouth Investment Zone
  12. Additional Freight Capacity on the Forth
  13. Aberdeen Harbour
  14. A Digital Fibre Network

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