06. The Central Scotland Green Network

The Central Scotland Green Network remains a national priority. This densely- populated area is rich in cultural, industrial and natural assets. However, in some places past land use has left a legacy of disused land, poor quality greenspace and fragmented habitats. Here, a step change in environmental quality is required to address disadvantage and attract investment, whilst sustaining and enhancing biodiversity, landscape quality and wider ecosystems. Elsewhere, the challenge is to maintain the existing quality of place whilst delivering development in areas of particular pressure. This initiative is now well established, and in the coming years we believe that the priorities for the lead organisations should include promoting active travel, addressing vacant and derelict land and focusing action in disadvantaged areas, to maximise community and health benefits.We expect work to gather further momentum during the lifetime of NPF3. A variety of developments in Central Scotland will contribute to the network. In particular, benefits will emerge from links with the Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership, major area and canal-led regeneration projects and catchment-scale water management planning.

Implementation Lead(s): Central Scotland Green Network Trust

Locations: Local authorities throughout Central Scotland within the boundary identified by the Central Scotland Green Network partnership

Further reading:
Central Scotland Green Network
Clyde gateway case study
Maidenhill case study
Seven Lochs case study

Environmental Mitigation: Target areas where health and social benefits could be greatest. Seek to optimise landscape benefits of the project. Make best use of existing assets, focusing on quality of greenspace, rather than quantity.

National Planning Framework 3 Strategic Environmental Assessment (as updated)
National Planning Framework 3 Habitats Regulation Appraisal

Ongoing Activity and Milestones:
Implementation of the Vision for Central Scotland.

Development plans for relevant Central Scotland planning authorities to reflect the Central Scotland Green Network.

Glasgow & Clyde Valley Green Network is a significant regional component of the CSGN.
Through an enhanced environment the GCV Green Network Partnership has been a champion of Green Network Thinking and has led the way with strategic planning for Green Network delivery.  More information about the Partnership and Green Network development can be found in the Ten Year Partnership review.

The Showcasing the Partnership film highlights the most recent case studies


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