13. Aberdeen Harbour

Aberdeen Harbour is a nationally important facility which supports the oil and gas sector, provides international and lifeline connections and makes a significant contribution to the wider economy of the north east. Expansion of the harbour is required to address current capacity constraints, consolidate and expand its role. This development will be delivered in the lifetime of NPF3, including new harbour facilities and onshore transport links and associated development.

aberdeen harbour 1

Implementation Lead(s): Aberdeen Harbour Board, Aberdeen City Council

Locations: Nigg Bay, Aberdeen

Further reading: Aberdeen Harbour Board

Environmental Mitigation: A detailed and comprehensive Environmental Statement was produced in November 2015 following an 18 month Environmental Impact Assessment. A coordinated approach to consenting will ensured that impacts onshore and offshore were fully understood. Project level Habitats Regulation Appraisal was also required and undertaken by Marine Scotland in consultation with other stakeholders to inform the consenting processes.

National Planning Framework 3 Strategic Environmental Assessment (as updated)

Ongoing Activity and Milestones: 2014/15 – Environmental Impact Assessment completed and Environmental Statement published in November 2015

2014/15 – Development Framework for Nigg Bay underway (the draft document was approved for consultation by Aberdeen City Council in August 2015, The Development Framework has been included on the Aberdeen City Council Supplementary Guidance to the Local Development Plan 2017. The final consultation for this process closes on 30 Jan2017Physical Modelling of the harbour by AHB was completed in August 2015

2014/17 – Design preparation for tender purposes completed and issued for tender to selected specialist contractors to develop the reference design. 2015/16 – The Harbour is engaged with Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council in the ‘City Deal’ funding project 2016

2015/16 – The Harbour are currently engaged in discussions with Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council and the University of Aberdeen regarding potential source of EU funding for transport related issues throughout the region, including Nigg Bay

2015/16 – The Harbour was awarded approximately £600,000 of EU Commission funding towards the EIA and wave analysis

2016 – Tender process is ongoing. Initial 5 shortlist scheduled reduced to a final 3 before end of April. Following completion of the tender process, the Contract for the Aberdeen Harbour Expansion Project was awarded to Dragados UK in late December 2016.

2016 May – PPiP Application goes to committee at Aberdeen City Council on May.

2015/17 – Applications for The Harbour Revision Order, Marine License and Planning Permission in Principle were lodged in November 2015, along with Environmental Statement)

2016/17 – Statutory approvals confirmed (Planning Permission, Harbour Revision Order, Marine License) PPiP granted May 2016, Marine Licenses for Construction and Dredging and Disposal granted November 16 and Harbour Revision Order granted December 2016

2017 – Commencement of construction works with soft start on further surveys and investigations. North Breakwater commences Q2 2016. First Caissons will be transported from Spain to site in Q32018.

2020– New harbour operational

2019-2039 – Recommendations from Nigg Bay Development Framework implemented


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