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Welcome to the National Planning Framework 3 Action Programme.

Launched on June 23, 2014 in support of the National Planning Framework 3, this Action Programme will be kept up to date with information from a range of organisations involved with the implementation of the National Planning Framework 3. As a result the Action Programme should be a useful gateway to access relevant and up to date information for those interested in the implementation of National Planning Framework 3.

As the Scottish Government is not the lead partner for many actions and national developments, we ask those organisations involved in the implementation of National Planning Framework 3 to keep in contact with us in order that we can highlight the most recent activity within the Action Programme.

We intend that the Action Programme will continually evolve. However, it also acts as a record of the progress made towards implementing National Planning Framework 3 and other closely related but distinct Scottish Government strategies. This will help inform Scottish Government reporting on the National Planning Framework 3, including the National Planning Framework 3 Monitoring Report, published 4 October 2019, and the preparation of future versions of the National Planning Framework.

If you have any suggestions for relevant content that you think could appear here, please let us know.

Providing Updates and Content Suggestions

The Scottish Government manages the content of these web pages and we encourage updates to be sent to us through twitter, e-mail or telephone. The Scottish Government is happy to re-tweet updates where these originate from lead partners or stakeholders.

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telephone tiny 20 0131 244 7888

The Action programme pages are formed around a number of key headings, the meaning of which is set out below:

Action X / National Development X Action: This is the reference to the relevant action or national development as written in National Planning Framework 3. It is followed by the description which appears in the National Planning Framework 3.

Implementation Lead(s): The groups and organisations listed are those thought to be most important in delivering the action. This list will change over time as the approach to delivery becomes clear.

Locations: This lists where the focus of the action delivery will be in Scotland.

Further reading: Information about the actions and, in the future, a record of what has been published about the action.

Environmental Mitigation: This is high level information from the Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Regulations Appraisal for the National Planning Framework 3 that is relevant to the action. It highlights for some of the actions activities needed to address environmental matters thought likely to occur.   Where known, links to other environmental reports have been provided. This information may be added to over time, as the approach to delivery becomes clear and the actions are delivered.

Ongoing Activity and Milestones: Key activities which are taking place or are expected to take place as well as key targets to be achieved. These will be updated and change over time as the approach to delivery becomes clear.

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