A connected place

A Connected Place - Map from NPF3

A connected place from p51 of NPF3


A connected place

26.  We will work with the Cities Alliance to progress Smart Cities initiatives.

27.  We will deliver the strategic transport projects in the Infrastructure Investment Plan and work with the freight sector to identify priority developments for inclusion in NPF4.

28.  We will work with industry to take forward the Step Change Programme (now known as the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme) to provide the capacity to deliver next generation broadband to 95% of premises by 2017-18, and a significant uplift in speeds for the remaining areas.

29. We will continue to provide funding for the installation of domestic, workplace and en-route charging points, as set out in Switched On Scotland: A Roadmap to Widespread Adoption of Plug-in Vehicles.

30.  We will continue to progress the Scotland’s Scenic Routes initiative.

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