13. Working with Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise, we will implement the National Renewables Infrastructure Plan with planning enabling development across the locations it identifies

Implementation Lead(s): Scottish Government; Scottish Enterprise; Highlands and Islands Enterprise; Planning Authorities

Locations: Coast and Islands

Further reading:

Scottish Enterprise National Renewables Infrastructure Plan

Environmental Mitigation: A number of mitigation measures will be required when developing sites this includes amongst others: the appropriate timing of development works; use of planning and design methods to avoid construction and operation effects; and to avoid land reclamation that would encroach on biodiversity interests resulting in losses of important habitat.

National Renewables Infrastructure Plan: Stage 2 – Strategic Environmental Assessment Environmental Report

Ongoing Activity and Milestones:
Planning authorities to reflect the development opportunities identified by the National Renewables Infrastructure Plan in development plans and decisions.

The Scottish Government, in partnership with its enterprise bodies, have undertaken a comprehensive options appraisal of our port infrastructure and market analysis to provide the necessary evidence prior to investment.

Further information can be found at  Scottish Energy Ports

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