16. We will finalise the National Marine Plan, including our plans for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy, in 2014 and commence development of a strategy for the marine grid

Implementation Lead(s): Scottish Government

Locations: Coast and Islands; Offshore

Further reading:
Marine Scotland – Offshore renewable energy
Marine Scotland – Marine Planning

Environmental Mitigation: Strategic Environmental Assessment and Strategic Habitats Regulation Appraisal of the National Marine Plan and Sectoral Marine Plans are informing finalisation of the plans. Environmental Impact Assessment and Habitats Regulation Assessment will be completed as required for individual projects.

Ongoing Activity and Milestones:
The National Marine Plan was adopted and published in March 2015.

Due to the challenges faced by the offshore renewable energy industry as a result of electricity market reform and the need for greater clarification on future funding allocation rounds, it is now the intention to publish the Sectoral Marine Plans in early 2016. A strategic marine planning exercise for grid infrastructure will commence following the publication of the Sectoral Marine Plans.


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